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Sazab Pardazan Cons. Eng .Company’s integrated management system (IMS) policy


Sazab Pardazan Cons. Eng. Company as a provider of engineering services in the following fields of studies and design, supervision over execution, EPC and topography, by taking a suitable management approach, assessment and prompt revaluation of taken steps and realization of a continuous improvement policy to maximize customer satisfaction throughout our services, we Endeavour to follow the following points:

·         Create incentives; promote the skill levels and efficiency of our staff through ongoing systematic and planned training courses and making them partners in the benefits gained through organization’s operations.

·         Organization’s profitability through development and improvement of the range of activities and present these services according to a wise marketing policy.

·         Maximizing customer satisfaction through promotion of service quality and ongoing improvement of integrated management system efficiency.

·         Maximizing internal customer satisfaction and other beneficiaries through control and decrease of expected and unexpected incidents and being responsible towards their effective prevention and the unwanted results of the organization’s undesired effects on the environment and effective prevention of its pollution.

·         Absolute implementation of legal environmental, safety, hygiene etc. Legislations as a principle in the organization

In order to achieve above goals the organization has put in practice the quality management system, environmental, safety and professional hygiene based on an integrated policy consisting of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 standards and by taking advantage of principles of strategic management to be on a continuous improvement gradient. Thus 1 personally believe in a customer oriented view and in the necessity of training courses, and while supplying the necessary funds for such purposes, supervise the perfect implementation and the management system effectiveness on a continuous basis and when deemed necessary would reassess the company policies for the best desired results.



Main pagelProjects and SpecialitieslNews archiveslDownloadlAbout uslContact uslفارسي