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EPC project and the foreign financing of waste water treatment plant west of Ahvaz
The present waste water treatment plant has a capacity of 43461 m3/day and suitable for a population of 200000. For many various reasons the buildings and equipments of the treatment plant have been damaged and only one of the two pipe line system is in operation.
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Making the contract of land survey engineering services of line no. 1 of metro system of Tabriz and its suburbs with Sazab Pardazan Cons. Eng. Company.
During a tendering session which was organized by Tabriz and suburb’s metro organization and the participation of other consultants, Sazab Pardazan Cons. Eng. Company succeeded in attaining the highest points and was accordingly recognized as the winner of the tender.
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Supervision over construction of Sar Bandar treatment plant and storage tanks
During a tendering session which took place for the supervision over construction of Sar Bandar treatment plant and storage tank at Mah Shahr petro chemical industries, Sazab Pardazan Cons. Eng. Co. was able to be awarded the highest points among all the consultancy companies participating in this tender, and was recognized as the successful winner for execution of this project.
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sazabpardazan Cons. Engs. Companys participation in Basrah,s international fair
WEB02010 fair was held at the Basra,s permanent international fairs site in Iraq from 18th Dec.2010 until 21stDec2010. The countries participating at this fair were Iran, Turkey, Jordan, Syria and U.A.E. The goals of this fair, whose most kiosks were occupied by Iranian companies, were the following fields: water and waste water, energy, civil, oil, gas and Perto chemistry . Sazabpardazan Cong. Eng. Co. with its vast capabilities and extensive experiences in Iraqs required consultancy services was an active member delete in this fair.
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Presentation of articles of the expert staff of Sazabpardazan cons. eng. company during the 4th inter national geotechnical and mechanics of Irans soil meeting.
The 4th international meeting of soil mechanics and geotechnical of soil and Iran took place in November of this year with some of the most prominent personalities of the world such as professor Briad the head of international geotechnics associatin( mechanics of semi-satureated soil, America), professor Proshsb (deep foundations, Canada) and professor Tohada ( earthquakes geothechincs, Japan) at the international halls of Tehrans Seda and Seema.
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Topography operations of water supply project south east of Khuzestan province.
The project of supplying water to towns and villages in the south east regions of Khuzestan province consists of the following towns: Aghajari, Omidieh, Miankuh, Sarbandar, Mahshahr, Hendijan, Shahrak shahid chamran and Their surrounding villages is under operation by the secretary of water supplies of Khuzestan water and power company and the topography services of this project has been given to Sazabpardazan Con.Eng.Co. the water source of this project is from Khairabad rivers at Kousar dams downstream and upstream of Khairabad dam.
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Cooperation agreement between Ahvazs Shahid chamran university and Sazabpardazan con. eng. co.
A cooperation agreement between Ahvazs Shahid chamran university and Sazabpardazan con. eng. company with the goals of expansion and regulating cooperation in science, training and engineering service was signed by Dr.Hassan Moravati, head of Ahvazs Shahid chamrans university and Mr. Mohsen Meshkizadeh(eng.) managing director of Sazabpardazan con. eng. co. this cooperation consist of the following points:
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