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Oil & Gas Transmission Pipelines

Oil and gas

Having great reservoirs of petroleum and gas in Iran and the increasing need of the world towards their exploration, transfer and consumption as energy sources or their by products development, has made Iran a strategically important partner.

In addition to existing vast experience in this field considerable effort and investment has been made in this area in the form of national & international projects over the past two decades. Use of advanced scientific methods and Techniques is of the most important aspects of this industry.

 Sazan Pardazan Consulting Company in this case has been providing the following services:

Carrying out technical studies and initial economical and technical appraisals for upgrading, optimization and improving pipeline stations, compressor station performance, storage and storage tanks facilities, delivery terminals, Gas and Oil transmission pipelines and construction of all related supporting installations and structures, including civil and industrial  plants related to all aspects of  installation commissioning and supervision of completion of their projects.

Main projects in oil & gas pipelines



Project title




EIA  studies in Maroon oil field.

National  Iranian Oil Company

Under implementation


Supervision of  R.O. projects in Abadan oil refinery  & supervision of estimating of export of port of Mahshaher

Abadan National  Oil Company



Supervision over Abadan Oil Refinery civil projects

Abadan Oil Refinery



Updating all maps and numerical surveying  data on the main liquid gas and oil  and industrial water  pipelines & related plants  in Khuzestan province  Oil & Gas exploration company’s region of activity MIS

National  Iranian Oil Company





Main pagelProjects and SpecialitieslNews archiveslDownloadlAbout uslContact uslفارسي